The Tale of Three Special Teas

A campaign of pure poetry by Yorkshire Tea, Goodstuff & Ian McMillan


The black tea market is in decline, So Yorkshire Tea took this as a sign. They launched a new range that would raise the bar, To stop adventurous tea drinkers looking afar. Breakfast Brew is packed with a punch, Breaktime Brew would see you to lunch, Bedtime Brew brought a soothing feel, Our task was to spark mass appeal.

The Idea

Poetry was the form with which we would play, For our audience to hear on national poetry day. Three radio scripts were tailored for key times, With Metro & Standard visualising the lines. Hundreds of scripts were written and read. Tailored for station, location and what the weather said. The campaign went further with a smart use of DAX, Adapting our poems based on targeting facts.


Awareness levels doubled to thirty-one point two, A third of our audience claimed to have purchased the brew. Dynamic poems delivered additional intent, With brand consideration up twenty-seven percent. Communication diagnostics were second to none, With ‘tea for different times of the day’ sitting at number one. We landed the occasions for the range of new brews, As our audience put ‘tea for different moods’ at number two.