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What a Van

Driving customer acquisition for Vanarama.


Our challenge was to reinvigorate the Vanarama media approach to improve efficiencies and drive ongoing performance through a Brexit driven slowdown. The Vanarama business was built over years of consistent, highly optimised DRTV activity, utilising memorable creative with a product and price orientated approach. However, we wanted to start behaving more like a consumer brand.

The Idea

Brought in by an ambitious new CMO, our brief was to start to introduce some broader media activity and start to drive some real brand recall and positivity. Armed with a powerful new creative we combined hyper efficient, small stations and spots that drive incredible efficiency with broader, higher profile airtime that delivers increased memorability. Sports airtime featured heavily, but we also broadened targeting to reflect the broader demographic that rely on their van for living in the modern economy. To build more personality and therefore memorability into the brand we also started leveraging the football relationship to deliver innovative promotions on Talksport and helped get some punchy and provocative video content in front of the right audiences.


Brand tracking shows the success of the evolved approach. After six months, ad awareness increased by 40%, prompted brand awareness by c. 15% and consideration by 25%. All this brand momentum was achieved whilst maintaining a consistent and on target acquisition cost. Find out more about Vanarama here: Vanarama