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In the run-up to Christmas, Tonieboxes, an audio speaker that allows children to independently enjoy their favourite stories, was competing with the entire toy industry, a highly congested and increasingly inflationary category. Amazon, a significant sales channel, doesn’t share data for recontact and the product doesn’t lend itself to search behaviour, leading to an over-reliance on traditional TV. With parents of children aged 0-3 having the highest LTV, we needed to increase sales by targeting this audience at greater efficiency than the traditional linear routes to market.


Using Samba TV and Amazon’s AVOD platform, Freevee, we built our own addressable AV model, introducing Automated Content Recognition technology (ACR) via Connected TV (CTV). CTV and ACR provide segments for exclusion and recontact, allowing us to manage reach and frequency, and target our audience via first-party data. Samba TV’s proprietary ACR technology is built into smart TVs, targeting digital audiences based on programmes watched. Freevee offered the unique opportunity to appear within a native environment at a high level of SOV, whilst using Amazon’s first-party data to target our audience and retarget those who had visited Tonies and competitor Amazon pages, allowing us to drive to purchase towards the end of the consideration period.


Our addressable model sustained our targeting of parents with children aged 0-3, significantly increasing end-of-year sales and surpassing all of Tonies’ expectations in 2022. We trebled their website traffic, saw a 62% increase in website sales per month and a 150% increase in amazon sales!